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UI/UX Design Mastery Course: Hands-On Training for Industry Success

This course will empower you to thrive in the dynamic world of UI/UX design. Join us & unlock your potential as a UI/UX design expert.
Course Duration

100+ Hours

Course Fee

₹44,999 ₹31,999

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Course Objectives

  • Develop a deep understanding of UI/UX design principles, methodologies, and processes.
  • Gain hands-on experience with industry-standard UI/UX design tools and software.
  • Learn to conduct user research, create user personas, and define user journeys.
  • Explore prototyping techniques, wireframing, and mockups for both UI and UX design.
  • Master the art of designing visually appealing, user-friendly interfaces for web and mobile applications.
  • Understand the importance of accessibility and inclusive design in UI/UX design.
  • Prepare for real-world challenges with mock interviews and personalised training.
  • Enhance soft skills essential for career success through guidance from career coaches and psychologists.


Introduction to UI/UX Design Fundamentals

  • Understanding the roles of UI and UX design in digital product development
  • Overview of UI/UX design principles and elements
  • Introduction to UI/UX design tools (e.g., Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma)
  • Setting up a UI/UX design workspace and project

User Research and Persona Development

  • Conducting user interviews, surveys, and observations
  • Analysing user behaviour and needs
  • Creating user personas, empathy maps, and user journey maps
  • Defining user goals and scenarios

Information Architecture and Wireframing

  • Understanding information architecture principles
  • Creating sitemaps, user flows, and wireframes
  • Organising content and navigation structures
  • Conducting card sorting exercises

UI Design Principles and Visual Design

  • Understanding typography, colour theory, and layout design for UI
  • Creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces
  • Designing for brand consistency and recognition
  • Incorporating imagery, iconography, and UI patterns

Prototyping and Interaction Design

  • Introduction to prototyping tools and techniques
  • Prototyping interactive mockups and clickable prototypes
  • Principles of interaction design and designing user interactions
  • Designing microinteractions for user delight

Usability Testing and Feedback

  • Planning and conducting usability tests
  • Gathering and analysing user feedback
  • Iterating and refining designs based on user testing results
  • Incorporating accessibility principles into designs

Responsive Design and Mobile UX

  • Principles of responsive design and designing for multiple devices
  • Designing mobile interfaces and optimising for touch interactions
  • Implementing responsive design techniques for web and mobile
  • Testing and optimising mobile experiences for performance and usability

Advanced UI/UX Design Techniques

  • Advanced prototyping and animation techniques
  • Designing for cross-platform experiences
  • Implementing design systems and component libraries
  • Optimising UI/UX designs for speed, accessibility, and SEO

Practical Applications and Project Development

  • Hands-on UI/UX design projects and exercises
  • Designing UI/UX interfaces for real-world applications
  • Implementing client requirements and feedback
  • Real-world project simulations and challenges

Career Development and Soft Skills Training

  • Mock interviews and feedback sessions
  • Personalised career coaching and guidance
  • Soft skills development for career success
  • Resume building and interview preparation

Course Delivery

  • Live instructor-led sessions & self-learning from portal
  • Interactive workshops and activities
  • Hands-on practical exercises
  • Real-world project works, case studies preparation
  • Personalised coaching and feedback sessions


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certification in UI/UX Design Mastery from WebAt Academy, showcasing their proficiency in UI/UX design and readiness for the industry.

Unlock your potential and become a master of UI/UX design with hands-on practical training at WebAt Academy! Join us on a journey to success in the digital age.


Course Fee ₹44,999 ₹31,999
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