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Frequently Asked Questions

How does WebAt Academy ensure that students are job-ready?

We go beyond theory, focusing on job-oriented skills development throughout the program. Industry professionals conduct assessments, providing feedback to bridge any technical or soft-skill gaps identified.

How is the progress of students evaluated in the course?

Assessments are conducted by industry professionals who evaluate both technical and soft skills. This feedback helps tailor the curriculum to individual needs, ensuring students are on track for success.

Is the curriculum personalised for each student?

Yes, we use scientific analysis techniques to personalise the curriculum. This approach ensures that the learning experience caters specifically to each student’s strengths and areas of improvement.

Who are the instructors for the course?

Our trainers are seasoned industry professionals with years of experience in digital marketing. You will benefit from their expertise, insider knowledge, and practical insights throughout the course.

What software and tools will I be learning and practising with?

Throughout the course, you will learn and practice using the latest digital marketing software and tools that industry professionals rely on, providing you with hands-on experience.

Can I pursue this course while working or attending college?

Absolutely! Our course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments.

Is there any support provided after completing the course?

Yes, we offer post-course support, including career guidance and assistance. Our goal is to help you transition successfully into the workforce.

How do I enrol in the WebAt Academy's Course?

To enrol, Contact us at +91 814 815 2226 or simply visit our website, fill out the enrollment form, and follow the provided instructions. If you have any questions, our admissions team is ready to assist you.

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