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Digital Marketing Foundation Course with Certification

Join WebAt Academy's Digital Marketing Foundation Course. Your gateway to a thriving career in digital marketing.
Course Duration

4 Hours

Course Fee

$49 (Rs. 4,099) $0

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What You Will Learn

  • Master the essentials of digital marketing with our foundational course spanning 10 modules.
  • Optimize online visibility through SEO strategies explored across 10 comprehensive modules.
  • Harness the power of social media with a dedicated 10-module series on effective Social Media Marketing.
  • Navigate diverse social media platforms with proficiency, covered in 4 specialized modules.
  • Develop strategic prowess with an 11-module exploration of cutting-edge Social Media Strategies.
  • Craft compelling narratives and engage audiences with a deep dive into Content Marketing across 10 modules.
  • Leverage the potential of Email Marketing through an in-depth 10-module curriculum.
  • Uncover the dynamics of Affiliate Marketing with specialized insights delivered across 10 modules.
  • Become an influencer marketing expert through our comprehensive 10-module series on Influencer Marketing.

Course Content

  • Digital Marketing Foundation (10 Modules)
  • SEO (10 Modules)
  • Social Media Marketing (10 Modules)
  • Social Media Platforms (4 Modules)
  • Social Media Strategies (11 Modules)
  • Content Marketing (10 Modules)
  • Email Marketing (10 Modules)
  • Affiliate Marketing (10 Modules)
  • Influencer Marketing (10 Modules)

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