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Canva Basics

Master Canva basics: design media posts, logos, Pinterest graphics, YouTube thumbnails, and more. Learn magic resize and effective design strategies.
Course Duration

1+ Hours

Course Fee

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What You Will Learn

  • Explore designing media posts with Canvas intuitive tools, perfect for social media and web content creation.
  • Learn to create professional logos with transparent backgrounds using Canvas’s versatile features.
  • Understand the process of canceling a Canva for Work subscription effortlessly within the course.
  • Master the art of crafting captivating Pinterest graphics with custom dimensions using Canva.
  • Discover curated sources for feminine stock photos ideal for Pinterest graphics within the Canva Basics Course.
  • Explore the first distinctive style of Pinterest graphics tailored for Canva users.
  • Dive into another unique style of Pinterest graphics designed specifically for Canva.
  • Unlock the power of Canvas magic resize feature to effortlessly adapt designs across different platforms.
  • Learn to create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails and source royalty-free photos using Canva.
  • Discover how to effectively utilize menus, frames, and grids to enhance design layout and structure.
  • Explore the limitless possibilities of design with Canva and conclude your learning journey with key insights.

Course Content

  • What can we design?
  • Creating Media Posts
  • Logos and Transparent Backgrounds
  • How to Cancel Canva for Work
  • Pinterest Graphics and Custom Dimensions
  • Where to get Feminine Stock Photos for Pinterest
  • Pinterest Graphics Style-1
  • Pinterest Graphics Style-2
  • Magic Resize
  • Youtube Thumbnails and Royalty Free Photos
  • Menus Frames Grids
  • Design Anything and Conclusions

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